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Douglas Gray is the Founder and President of Graycon I.T.  He is a recognized leader in the IT industry and often speaks on how to use IT to achieve business goals, protect the organization and add value to people, our karma and the bottom line. He began Graycon in 1989, with a goal to shift IT from being technology focused to being an enabling foundation of the business.  Since Graycon’s beginnings, Douglas has led the company to support over 1,000 organizations, has gone public and then re-privatized and has built a steadfast IT firm that employs over 180 IT professionals. Graycon grew to be the reliable and practical choice for IT Support and Solutions throughout Western Canada.  In 2015, Ricoh Canada acquired Graycon, with Douglas and the entire Graycon team now being a Ricoh company, with a mandate to provide their award winning IT services across Canada.

While Douglas has a passionate vision around technology solutions that provide clear business value, he also holds an uncompromising commitment to both the Grayconians who have helped make this vision a reality, and to Graycon’s local communities. Graycon Karma, the belief in “do good things and good things happen”, plays a powerful, guiding role in the partnership between Graycon’s clients, staff and local charities. Graycon’s quarter century of success is based on passionate leadership, enabling management, spectacular people and a sincere belief in being part of the community and giving back.

Revel in living an epic life. Do good things and good things happen. Don’t make boring choices.

Chandra Ramasamy, COO


Chandra Ramasamy joined Graycon as Vice-President, Operations in November 2016. Focusing on long-term planning and the identification of opportunities and optimizations both within Graycon and in the wider industry, Chandra is committed to optimizing systems and processes to drive greater value and the best client experience in Canada.

With more than 30 years of finance and information technology experience, Chandra has delivered operational excellence and consistent growth with a diverse portfolio of IT, energy and retail organizations across multiple continents, including S.i. Systems, TransCanada, Al-Futtaim and Tata Coffee Ltd.

Chandra volunteers his time as Director & Audit Committee Chair for the Canadian Obesity Network’s Board of Directors since May 2012. The Canadian Obesity Network is Canada’s premier obesity-focused nonprofit research network, serving both the general public and health care professions.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

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Chris Black is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Graycon. Born and raised in Calgary, he has been a proud member of the Graycon family since 2005. With 15 years of Business Development, Client Management, Business Advisory and Technology Consulting experience Chris brings a broad and distinctive perspective to Graycon and our Clients. Intensely passionate about The Client Experience, Chris leads Graycon’s Sales teams towards building great relationships driven by providing clients tangible business value.

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam (Latin for “I shall either find a way or make one”).

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Kyle Kilback is the Vice President of Technology at Graycon I.T. and has been a proud member of the Graycon team since 2012. He is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of Graycon’s services and solutions offerings and partner relationships. With nearly 20 years in the IT industry, Kyle has experience working with large teams to grow the business and create and build services offerings that provide value for organizations across Canada. He was an instructor at a Technical Institute for 4 years and has presented to large audiences for 15 years. Kyle enjoys mentoring and influencing the business about IT and coaching people about the importance IT has in helping businesses achieve their goals.

Balance…never let success go to your head. And never let failure go to your heart.