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Graycon's technology vision

by Kyle Kilback

August 13, 2018

At Graycon, we have a vision for technology in the workplace, one that sees IT as a creator of seamless work experiences and contributor of enhanced business decisions. For this blog, I want to highlight what it takes for us to achieve this vision.

1. A commitment to innovative technology solutions that deliver practical business value

Our goal is to stay ahead of market trends so we can deliver modern solutions for today’s digital workplaces. But we all know that technology is changing faster than we can adapt, and that means there are products out there that can very likely solve problems our clients have yet to encounter. We believe in selecting innovative technology solutions that bring practical value to today’s businesses while allowing the flexibility for growth and evolution.

2. Strategic partnerships with forward-thinking vendors.

For our team to deliver IT solutions that create seamless work experiences, we must also have a team of forward-thinking vendors who provide us with the products to do so. As such, Graycon has established strategic partnerships with the industry’s most forward-thinking vendors who enable our vision for technology in the workplace. And over the years, we’ve built solid relationships on a foundation of trust and mutually supportive feedback to continually improve their offerings as well as ours, resulting in a superior technology experience for our clients.

3. Continuous training and certification on the most cutting-edge technology

As I mentioned above, technology is changing fast: what’s new today, can be old tomorrow. So, it’s crucial for our people to have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. Why? To be an effective IT resource for our clients, we must be able to evaluate all the technology options that would best suit their needs. And if our team lacks the latest information or technical skills they can’t provide the most appropriate recommendations or support the products our clients require. We strive to create subject matter experts in each of our core areas of support so that our recommended technology solutions enhance your business operations.